Our Products

  • Single Girder EOT Cranes

     We are instrumental in offering our clients with Single Girder EOT Cranes that are manufactured using high-grade raw material. These cranes are considered to be an ideal option for material handling in small and low production units and warehouses. Besides, these are widely applauded for their utmost utilization and require minimum space. Through various fixing arrangements, these cranes can be fitted to the available space.

  • Double Girder EOT Cranes

  • Available with us is an excellent quality Double Girder EOT Cranes that are suitable for lifting and conveying loads of 1 OT and for span of 25m. These cranes are installed with two torsion free box girders. Owing to their varied features such as excellent lifting capacity of heavy loads and wide spans, these cranes are extensively demanded by our clients across the globe. We offer these cranes with the load capacities up to 30 T and with spans up to 31 m. To assure positive contact of the wheels with the tracks, these cranes are available with articulated end carriage joints. While shifting into new buildings, the fixing arrangement allows the integration of cranes.


  • Gantry Granes

     Huge models of gantry cranes with each crane having the ability and function of weighing heavy loads, as heavy as some hundred tons, if not heavier are common.

  • Electrical Hoists

     Our clients can avail from us superior quality Electrical Hoists, which are an electrically operated device. These are used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain is coiled. The revving arrangement in these hoists minimizes rope twisting and provides longer life to rope. Besides, these hoists are provided with emergency off push button used when contractor's contacts get welded or limit switch fails to operate to avoid any mishap on the site.

  • Goliath Cranes

     We are instrumental in offering our clients Goliath Cranes that are used for indoor and outdoor purposes. These cranes are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the kind of work undertaken using them. Besides, these cranes are highly safe to operate and are available with a capacity of up to 50 tons.

  • Hot Cranes

  • Available with us superior quality Hot Cranes that come with double flanged LT wheels in the two-end carriages, which is supported on steel axles. Slung SGI tapered type single flanged wheels are provided with these hot cranes. To manufacture the pinion axle, EN9 is used that is a heat treated carbon alloy steel. Conforms to IS 4460 standards, the gears of hot crane are manufactured using EN8 and are provided with ball bearings.


    • Sturdy construction
    • Optimum performance
    • High load bearing capacity
    • Low maintenance
  • Jib Cranes

     Our clients can avail from us premium quality Jib Cranes that are designed and implemented in accordance with industry standards. These cranes are a cantilevered boom or horizontal beam arm with bearings, hoist and trolley. Besides, these cranes efficiently lift up loads in all or part of a circle around the column. These cranes are equipped with a rotating boom to a mast and ceiling mounting. The ceiling mounting is held by wall bracket mounting and the rotating boom in a vertical position by floor. These cranes reduce overhead work and minimize waiting time.

    Specifications :

    • Angle of rotation 90° and 360°
    • Rotation either by hand pulling or driver with worm reduction
    • Gearbox operated by endless chain or power
    • Wall mounted
    • Ceiling mounted
    • Self Supporting column mounted
    • Hoisting and traversing electrical or manually operated
    • Low head room design

    Mono Rail Crane

     Monorail Cranes are ideal for production processes that require lifting and moving products along a fixed path, such as painting processes, moving raw materials to workstations, or warehouse-to-warehouse transfer


    • Capacities from 5 to 40 ton
    • Straight and/or Curved Path Routes
    • Use to move material through an entire production area
    • Easily changeable and expandable
    • Superior to I-Beams in strength, durability, and consistency